House Cleaning

House Cleaning Services

Here’s everything you need to know about what’s included with your Cleaner Casa service.

Standard maintenance cleaning provides one-off, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service to keep your house in guest-ready shape. Deep / First Clean includes everything in our Standard service with an emphases on build up and is strongly recommended for first time clients. Move In / Out cleaning is perfect for when you’re moving house.

If you have any questions email or give us a call on (02) 4058 1029.

Here’s What Our Cleaning Teams Do

ALL AREASStandardDeep / First CleanMove In / Out
Vacuum FloorsYESYESYES
Mop/disinfect hard floorsYESYESYES
Cobweb RemovalYESYESYES
Clean mirrorsYESYESYES
Empty Rubbish BinsYESYES
Window sillsDustWipeWipe
Light switchesDustWipeWipe
Ceiling fansDustWipeWipe
Table tops, bed head, cabinets etcDustWipeWipe
Skirting boardsWipeWipe
Window tracksYESYES
Wipe down doorsYES
Wipe down all wardrobe shelves and railsYES
Wash inside windows
BATHROOMS, TOILETS & ENSUITESStandardDeep / First CleanMove In / Out
Toilet cleaned and disinfectedYESYESYES
Sinks wiped down and disinfectedYESYESYES
Showers cleaned and disinfectedYESYESYES
Bathtub cleaned and disinfectedYESYESYES
Shower curtains cleaned and disinfectedYESYESYES
Wipe exterior vanity unitYESYESYES
Chrome fixtures polishedYESYESYES
Exhaust fanWipeWipe
Wipe down inside all bathroom vanitiesYES
KITCHENStandardDeep / First CleanMove In / Out
Wipe down all countertopsYESYESYES
Wipe down external cupboard doorsYESYESYES
Clean inside and outside the microwaveYESYESYES
Clean and disinfect sinkYESYESYES
Clean stove topYESYESYES
Wipe down range hoodYESYESYES
Chrome fixtures polishedYESYESYES
Clean on top of fridgeDustWipeWipe
Cleaning tops of cupboards / pantries where possibleWipeWipe
Wipe down inside all kitchen cupboardsYES
Clean inside the oven
MOVE IN / OUTStandardDeep / First CleanMove In / Out
Clean the laundry areaYES
Sweep out garageYES
EXTRASStandardDeep / First CleanMove In / Out
Wash Inside Windows$59 – 99$59 – 99$59 – 99
Oven Clean$49$49$49
Study or Extra Bedroom$30$30$30
Extra Living Space$40$40$40
Inside Fridge$29$29$29

Here’s What We Don’t Do

  • We can’t go any higher than a 2-step ladder
  • Exterior of the house, including windows or yard work etc
  • Carpets, curtains, mattresses, or stain removal
  • Cleaning TV or computer monitors
  • Mould removal or other hazardous material
  • Faeces / excrement / cat litter / or other pet waste
  • Plumbing, including unclogging of toilets/sinks
  • Venetian blinds. (We do dust/wipe plantation shutters.)
  • Cleaning of sky lights
  • Grout cleaning
  • Cleaning or replacing light bulbs
  • Moving furniture
  • Vacuum fire place
  • Garage or shed cleaning
  • Squatter / hoarder cleaning
  • Guaranteed Bond / End of lease cleaning
  • Builders clean
  • Laundry services
  • Pest control removal
  • Wall washing

If you’re unsure of anything or have any questions just email or give us a call on (02) 4058 1029 and we’d be happy to help.