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Hi Lisa,

Lovely meeting you and your mum today!

Based on your house and our conversation, we’ve come up with a custom schedule for you:

  • Three Bedroom / 2.5 Bath / Monthly service with 10% discount.
  • Deep clean first service then custom service based on your needs each month.
  • Wash interior/exterior windows first service then touch up as necessary.

This would normally be $317 for the initial clean then $232.20 each month.

However because we will only be focusing on one bedroom at a time we can bring that down to $257 for the initial clean and then $178.20 monthly.

For your mum’s house it would be just $99 for the initial clean and then $89.10 monthly.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything please let me know. Otherwise if you would like to go ahead just give me a buzz on 4058 1029 and we’ll get you scheduled in.

Have a great week!

Kyle & Vesna